Our Church has been organized as a non-profit
corporation in the State of Texas. It is a new work, a
church plant, ordained by God. The Lord Jesus
Christ is its head and Pastor Edsel Duréus, the
Shepherd, called by the Lord to give leadership to
it, after years of prayer and preparation. The
Church held its first public prayer meeting on
September 14, 2004 and opened the doors for
membership on October 5, 2004. It is located in
Cedar Hill, Texas and will serve the Lord, the
surrounding communities and the nations.
Our Origin
To build unto our God a kingdom of priests through a
Christ-centered, Bible-based, Spirit-empowered community
that intentionally draws people from every nation, tribe and
tongue to trust in Jesus, worship God, build relation-ships,
and grow to spiritual maturity as we serve the Lord locally
and around the world.
Our Mission
"Building unto Our God a Kingdom of Priests."
Our Motto
To reach every ethnic people group with the gospel of Jesus
Christ by establishing a church in Cedar Hill to serve the
Lord and our surrounding communities and to impact the
world by taking His word to the nations for the glory of God.
Our Vision
Building unto our God a kingdom of priests . . . from every
nation, tribe and tongue by the power of the Spirit expressing
and expanding the Kingdom of God.”
Our Purpose and
We Believe in…

•The Inerrancy of the Bible
•The Godhead
•God the Father
•The Person and work of Jesus Christ
•The Holy Spirit
•The Personality of Satan
•The Sin Nature of Human Beings
•The Church
•The Rapture and the Second Coming of
•The Eternal State
•The Responsibility of Leaders
•Church Ordinances
We seek to build unto our God a
kingdom of priests through the
following core values that honor His
children and exalt our Savior:

•Glory To God
•Grace To Each Other
•Community Development
•Compassion: The trademark of our  
Lord, so too, we strive to demonstrate
tender merciful hearts toward the
hurting and the poor.
Our Core Values
The absolute essential priorities of
Thanksgiving Tabernacle in building a
kingdom of priests unto our God are
rooted in Acts 2:42-47:

Love: The sole badge of every disciple
of our Lord, so through it, we express
and expand the Kingdom of God.
Our Beliefs
Our Ministry Values
Pastor Edsel, Beverly
and Edsel "E.J." Duréus, II
Our Ministries
Our Pastor
Our First Lady
Thanksgiving Tabernacle Bible Fellowship
"Building Unto Our God a Kingdom of Priests"
Anniversary Celebration
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