Pastor Edsel Duréus
Thanksgiving Tabernacle Bible Fellowship
"Building Unto Our God a Kingdom of Priests"
with special Resurrection Day
TTBF Kingdom Kids,
Junior Praise Dance Ministry,
and the Kingdom Kids
Children's Choir
Starring: St. Peter the Bunny

He never paid attention in Sunday School and got the
Easter story all mixed up!
"Surely This Man Was the Son of God!"
~the Roman Solider~
A Christian Comedy
by Beverly C. Duréus
© 2011. All Rights Reserved KMI/BCD
A Scriptureware Original™
Ms. Ardina Rogers
"Twas the night before Easter, and all
through the house, not a creature
was sleeping, not even the church mouse!"
"..then the smallest among them stood
up and said, 'We demand that a story
...and so the book
was opened. . .
with gold coins on Palm Sunday
but the Hosanna Praisers set him straight!
"...no Peter Bunny, not an airline pilot,
but Pilate! He was a government
"I am Pilate! This man
is innocent! I wash my
hands of his blood!"
Salvation is not found in an empty
Jesus Christ, whose tomb was empty!
"I AM Jesus! Behold I was dead, but
He is Risen!
...and that's no Bunny's Tale!
...and laying
down their palm
branches and
clothes, they
who comes in
the  name of the
Lord!"  "Son of
Our Narrators
Peter Bunny had all kind of strange
suggestions for Easter
placed in Easter Eggs!!!
God listened to Peter but his ideas
were not helpful!
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