ABOUT OUR FIRST LADY

Pastor's wife, Dr. Beverly Caro Duréus, is an ordained minister of the Gospel
and a
licensed attorney.  She also obtained a Master of Theology degree
from Dallas Theological Seminary in evangelism and discipleship. She also
earned a Doctor of Ministry degree in Evangelism from Perkins School of

She left her full-time law practice where she was a shareholder, to answer
the Lord's ministerial call on her life. This fulfilled one of her life-long

Bev Duréus is currently teaching on the faculty full-time at the Dedman
School of Law at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, Texas.  She
also has a love for utilizing the law to assist and to bring reconciliation to the
body of Christ.  To this end, she has served in the past as the Chairperson
of the Ecclesiastical Section of White & Wiggins, LLP, a minority owned law
firm in Dallas, Texas.

She is also Founder and President of Katallasso Ministries International™.   
It is an expository teaching and proclamation ministry that presents
opportunities for her to share the Word of God in the United States and

A sought after conference presenter and author, she has a passion in the
ministry for teaching the Word of God, especially to women and unmarried
Believers.  Her first published book,
Holiday Island, co-authored with
Gwendolyn V. Campbell, is the first volume of a six-part series for children. It
is a whimsical story about the Holiday Makers, characters we have all come
to enjoy on each holiday and what they do when their respective holidays
are over. It provides children with the meaning of the role Christ in the
holidays and presents the Gospel to them.

She enjoys working on the mission field and along side Pastor Duréus, to
help him become the man of God that the Lord has purposed.  She is a
devoted wife and mother and states that Jesus is truly the main joy and the
Lord of her life, and He is coming soon for His Bride!

Our Pastor
Dr. Beverly  Caro Duréus
"Building Unto Our God a Kingdom of Priests"
Thanksgiving Tabernacle Bible Fellowship