"I will not compromise the Word of God
to tickle the ears of the people! Time is
up! These are the last days!"


The word of God gives us the message to proclaim and the precepts to teach the
nations. Indeed this is a time-sensitive privilege, that of making an eternal investment
among the nations.  Pastor Edsel Duréus is wholeheartedly committed to invest in souls.

Since he was called to do the work of an evangelist, he has dedicated his life holistically
to the cause of Christ.  Pastor Duréus realized the fact that, in eternity future, there will
be no evangelism, missions or outreach, and therefore purposed to redeem the time by
proclaiming the Good News of God's gracious love in his own generation.

Pastor Edsel Duréus is also the Founder and President of Taking the Word to the World
Ministries, Inc.  He holds a Doctor of Ministry and Master of Theology degree from
Dallas Theological Seminary.  He also earned a Master of Biblical Studies from Moody
Bible Institute.  He has received leadership awards from The Urban Alternative, Dallas
Theological Seminary and the Brooklyn Tabernacle Church, where he did his academic
internship for Moody Bible Institute-Graduate School.  

Pastor Edsel Duréus was licensed to the Gospel Ministry during his pastoral internship
at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship - Discipleship Department, in March of 1997 under Dr.
Martin E. Hawkins.  He was later ordained to the Ministry in July of 1997 by Dr. Anthony
T. Evans.  He also served faithfully for almost six years as the Minister of Outreach and
Prayer at the Cornerstone Baptist Church, in Arlington, Texas, where Reverend William
Dwight McKissic is the Pastor.

Pastor Duréus also completed a teaching-academic internship at Dallas Theological
Seminary under Dr. Ronald B. Allen, has served as a Field Instructor there, and is
currently on the faculty of the Oak Cliff Bible Institute.  Pastor  is grateful for his
schooling and training.  Above all, he is grateful to His faithful and timeless instructor:

"The Grace of God." Titus 2:11-13

He is married to Beverly Caro . They have one son, Edsel, II (E.J.)
Our First Lady
Dr. Edsel Duréus, Pastor
Dr. Edsel Duréus, Pastor
"Building Unto Our God a Kingdom of Priests"
Thanksgiving Tabernacle Bible Fellowship