Capital Stewardship Campaign
Building Campaign
God Will Do It Through
Willing Vessels!
Exod. 35:5, 10
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Building Campaign.
"Building Unto Our God a Kingdom of Priests"
Thanksgiving Tabernacle Bible Fellowship
The History of Vision-to-Victory                                           
Rev. Dr. Edsel Duréus, Senior Pastor

In October, 2009, the Lord began to prepare my heart to trust Him to raise money to   
purchase property and build a facility for Him through TTBF. This prompting became  
even more real on Friday, October 16, 2009 as Beverly and I attended the screening of
God Provides™ - a biblically based movie about trusting God for needed provisions.
Literally, the next day, Saturday October 17, 2009, TTBF had hosted its second
financial seminar for the year (both of which were presented by outside guests with
expertise in the field), the first being presented as a Sunday sermon. The sermon and
the seminar were designed to help our members to be positioned to get out of debt so
that they will then be in a position to assist with financing God’s vision for the kingdom
work at TTBF. Then, sealing the deal, and unbeknownst to me, in a letter dated October
16, 2009, from a Saint in another city, who is not a member at TTBF, and as stated in
her own words, she was moved by the Holy Spirit of God to pledge $3,000.00 to our
building fund, and enclosed a payment toward that amount!

It is with this backdrop that the Lord led me to be obedient to Him and to step out in faith
and to climax our Fifth Anniversary Celebration held on November 1, 2009 by asking 29
others to match or exceed that Saint’s pledge, thus giving us a total of 30 individuals or
families pledging a minimum of $3,000.00 to get our building campaign on the road to

With that first pledge, and the others that came forward, the Lord
completed our Phase
One of our Vision to Victory Capital
Stewardship Campaign! Many other faithful
supporters have joined in the cause!
Please pray about joining their ranks!

Perhaps you too will be a willing vessel that the Lord will use for this Kingdom work.
gift is too large or small.  If you are on a budget or would like to follow the pattern of our
initial donors, a suggested pledge
is $3,000.00 which you can pay in 10 installments at
$300.00 per month

Perhaps you might not be able to donate $3,000.00 but would be able to donate
$2,500.00 via 5 installments of $500.00; $2,000.00 via 5 installments of $400.00;  
$1,500.00 via 5 installments of $300.00; $1,000.00 via 5 installments of
$200.00; or $500 via 5 installments of $100.00.

Whatever gift that the Lord might lay on your heart to sew will be appreciated!  We are
convinced that "God will do it through willing vessels!"  

God bless you and thank you for allowing me to share this vision with you. We covet
your prayers and participation as we continue "Building unto Our God a Kingdom of